Town Council & Employees

Town Council Members:

Mayor – William “Chick” Glanden

Secretary -Pete Rager

Ricky Maddox

Bret Carpenter

Adam Wiater

Planning & Zoning:

Marie Shaw

Milt Elliot

Phil Green

Leland Mudge

Megan Wiater


Board of Appeals:

Williams “Chick” Glanden

Ricky Maddox

Pete Rager

Adam Wiater

Bret Carpenter

Board of Adjustments:

Robert Kitz

Steve White

Robin Maddox

Christina Pleasanton

Board of Elections:

David Jones 

Steve White 

Rod Warr 


Town Manager/ Public Works Director/ Code Enforcement – Dustan Russum

Treasurer – Janet White

Town Clerk – Alice Green

Administrative Assistant – Jenn French

Public Works – Jim Morris

Police – Chief John Devlin