New Carts for Trash Service- Charlie’s Waste Services

Date Posted: Monday, June 19th, 2017

New Carts for Trash Service

In our last town council meeting the Town trash and recycling services contract was awarded to Charlies Waste Services based out of Camden, DE.  We felt the change in trash companies was in the best interest of the town.

The exciting news with our new company is that Charlie’s Waste Services has agreed to place a new Charlie’s owned 96-gallon trash cart at each home.  These new carts will help with the aesthetics of the town on trash day, prevent material from blowing all over the town on windy days, help keep critters out of our garbage and most importantly help Charlies become more operationally efficient which ultimately keeps our cost down.

During the final week of the month you will be receiving these carts and we ask that you start to use them starting July 1st.  If you have more material then fits into Charlies waste container you can use a personal can and it will still be picked up.  Please place containers with the handle facing your home and away from any objects such as trees and mailboxes.  Please note that the day of pickup will still be on Mondays!

If you need more than one Charlie’s cart because of multiple units on your property, please contact Town Hall before July 1st so that arrangements can be made.

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